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The Dark Ages are over. Field service workers can be equipped to have all the information they need, boosting efficiency and enhancing communication.

Do you remember the Dark Ages? Those strange, far-off days when you’d be sitting with your friends in the pub talking about a film and trying to remember the name of the guy who played the florist’s brother-in-law or some such.

‘You remember, it’s the same chap who was in that thing with the woman from that Spielberg drama. Oh, what was her name?’

You’d go round in circles and it would drive you mad.

Today, of course someone would whip out a phone and the answer would be there, front and centre, in less time than it takes to say ‘another round, please’.

The wonderful thing is that there are now similar solutions for the work environment, specifically for field service workers. Equipped with the right software, a worker out in the field, even one who may potentially be miles from anywhere, is able to have all the answers they need at the tip of their fingers.

While servicing plant and equipment, conducting preventive maintenance or making repairs, field workers no longer have to arrive on-site with folders full of instruction manuals, product brochures (which could well be out of date, anyway) or reams of information regarding regulations and compliance requirements. 

They can also access a comprehensive history of the equipment and plant they are servicing or investigating. Information about its installation, service history, parts and other data is accessible and easy to navigate. With cloud storage now inexpensive, huge amounts of historical data can now be recorded along with business intelligence tools that can transform this data into practical information usable when it comes to making business decisions.

This means field service workers have everything they need to ensure their customers are kept fully informed and they can answer any queries or concerns almost instantaneously. Removing the need to call back to or even visit head office saves time and enables customers to make vital business decisions much more quickly and efficiently.

“They can also access a comprehensive history of the equipment and plant they are servicing or investigating.”


The range and types of information and data is almost limitless – spanning from photographs recorded on-site that record asset faults and are then shared with the client, to meter readings leading to data that is recorded and shared.

All the important OEM (original equipment manufacturer) details are available, accessible and shareable at the touch of a button. And that means no more standing with the customer, head scratching and prevaricating while the worker desperately tries to remember the part reference number or last service date. They can access any information they need, fix the problem and go back to chatting with customer about the brilliant movie they saw last night. ‘Now what platform was that on? Netflix? Stan, Amazon…? Wait a minute, it’ll come to me…’

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