Be safe, not sorry, with protective measurement equipment to ensure maximum safety with minimal risk

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With more people heading back to work, leading distributors of quality engineering components, RS Components, understands how fundamental it is to ensure a comfortable and safe work environment for people.

In order to minimise risk to a worker’s health and safety, personal protective equipment (PPE), which include different types of protective measurement tools, safety equipment and clothing, is incorporated into safety measures.

PPE includes but is not limited to high visibility garments, gloves, helmets, goggles and spill kits designed to protect the person wearing or utilising the equipment from hazards, infections, or injury. It’s important to maintain situational awareness and recognise that PPE – under the model WHS regulations – is level three control measure. As it is lower on the list of control priorities, PPE should be used in the interim or as a last resort while supplementing higher control measures.

With many workplace processes adjusting to the current circumstances, it’s just as important to implement products that are suitable to increase hygiene levels. Featuring antimicrobial properties, the Excel Life medical range by Legrand maximises hygiene while not only improving the conditions for patients, but also visitors and health care workers. Arcolectric also provides a range of specialised antimicrobial switches perfectly suited to medical equipment.

 To support Australian and New Zealand customers getting back to business, RS PRO, the house brand of RS Components also launched additional ranges across safety signs, temperature measurement, and janitorial products. Other leading brands supporting this broad range are TE Connectivity, Harting and Bulgin providing a range of products that support the medical markets.

Make sure to stay up-to-date with any specific PPE requirements for working with harmful substances or particular work duties. Depending on the PPE, ensure that it is suitable for the nature of the work and a suitable size and fit for the user to further reduce any potential hazardous situations.


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