Digitise preventive maintenance with ExoStruxure Facility Expert

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With your car, preventative maintenance can save thousands. With your electrical facility, preventative maintenance can save millions.

You regularly change your car’s oil. This inexpensive act of preventive maintenance keeps your engine running and saves you from having to buy a new replacement engine, which would work out at about 20 percent of the cost of a new vehicle.

With your car, a little prevention can save thousands. With your electrical facility, preventive maintenance can save you millions.

The longest stage of a facility or asset’s life cycle is the operation and maintenance stage. As a result, some of the largest cost reduction opportunities are found in maintenance.

The US Institute of Electrical and Electrical Engineers Standards Association knows that poorly maintained switchboards are 62 percent more likely to fail. What’s more, experience indicates that equipment lasts longer and performs better with a preventive maintenance program.  

Digitising maintenance has also become essential as facility managers are expected to have visibility over site operations 24/7. The solution to this: Schneider Electric’s free asset management application, EcoStruxure Facility Expert

With EcoStruxure Facility Expert, you can now simplify the complexity of multisite operations by streamlining maintenance workflow and easily scheduling preventive maintenance plans. For Schneider Electric products, a recommended maintenance schedule is also available to make setting up easier and faster.  

Working with multiple customers, subcontractors and partners is common in today’s market and this can add to the complexity of managing operations. To help you, EcoStruxure Facility Expert allows you to set up alerts and reminders of any upcoming maintenance plans and avoid important days such as shutdowns and critical operation periods where a panel or equipment cannot be taken offline.

Accessible via mobile, tablet and computer, EcoStruxure Facility Expert also allows you to easily collaborate with partner and customers and clearly align on roles and responsibilities using the latest documents and maintenance schedules. 

Through a simple QR code, partners and customers with delegated rights can access key documents such as user manuals, test reports, spare part lists and much more. This may seem trivial, but in the case where a switchboard is requiring repair, you or your designated contractor can easily access all the latest maintenance history and see what actions have been performed. To speed up repair and maintenance processes, you can also store relevant instruction manuals and photos to help technicians and contractors on site, especially if they are new, or have not been responsible for this site previously. 

To build trust and transparency with the customer, it’s important to keep records and provide documentation on what maintenance has been performed. Thankfully, with EcoStruxure Facility Expert, you can quickly generate maintenance reports and let the customer know when the next scheduled maintenance would be. 

EcoStruxure Facility Expert allows you to digitise your equipment maintenance, helping you to move into predictive maintenance rather than reactive.

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