Hygiene improvements provide stress relief during pandemic

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During COVID-19, the remote learning period provided schools with an opportunity to reassess their hygiene practices and prepare for the eventual return of staff and students. Sandringham Secondary College in bayside Melbourne made an astute decision to upgrade all its washrooms and hand washing areas throughout the school.

Sandringham College Principal, Amy Porter, emphasised that the safety of the whole college community was the priority. It’s a decision that has been recalled as “Stress relieving for staff, students and parents” recalls Sandringham College business manager, Yunyun Liu.

In a school community, perception and word of mouth make a big difference. The upgrade to Tork to improve hygiene within the school certainly had an impact. In Liu’s words, “It showed families that we were prepared for the return of students. It put them at ease.”

Across two campuses housing one thousand students between them, Sandringham College has 16 student washrooms, numerous individual toilets and hand washing facilities in libraries, sports centres, staff rooms, kitchens and science labs. These are now home to 300 new Tork toilet paper, hand towel and soap dispensers.

Prior to switching to Tork, the school had a mix of dispensers for hand towel and toilet paper and used small bottles of soap which often went missing. The administration of different dispensers and refills and preventing run-out was difficult and time-consuming to manage. The school was also experiencing
vandalism which caused further shortages.

Spotless Cleaning introduced Liu to Tork and she couldn’t be happier. Liu was impressed with the quality, price and assurance of supply of the Tork products, especially as Melbourne was experiencing shortages and supply chain issues due to the pandemic. Liu reports positive feedback from both staff and parents.

Throughout the whole school, Tork has installed Tork T2 Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper, Tork Matic H1 Hand Towel Rolls and Tork S4 Foam Soap to improve hygiene and make management easier. The massive installation effort was conducted with ease.

“We were very happy with their service and they were great with clean-up at the end too,” adds Liu. So happy in fact, that Liu has recommended Tork to other schools in the area.

Tork products installed and Sandringham College


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