How innovation continues to impact the facilities management sector

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Urbanise focuses efforts on development with machine learning to offer an enhanced approach to facilities management.

With technology consistently driving change, we remain focused on what innovations are waiting ahead. While advancements like IoT, mobile systems and augmented reality have played an integral role in shaping the ongoing development of FM, we look to see how solution providers are stepping ahead in 2020 to continue the momentum of change through innovation. 

With machine learning leading the way and the unique demand to work remotely, automation is set to increase, and time-consuming manual tasks will become few and far between. 2020 will continue to see facility managers enjoying the benefits of machine learning on a task-by-task basis, driving efficiency and achieving clarity over their business processes remotely, in real time. 

Urbanise harnesses machine learning across multiple platform features in order to offer unbeatable data capture processes and streamline operations. 

‘Auto-assign’ is one of the latest innovative features Urbanise has released in its portfolio, offering a seamless automation to the process of job creating, allocating and tracking. The Urbanise Facilities platform will use machine learning to optimise decision making from the moment an email request is received in the system. By using email recognition and GPS capabilities, the system will identify which customer and location the job relates to and will consider the skill set, qualification, location and availability of contractors to determine the best possible allocation of the job. This level of automation will dramatically decrease the time spent manually allocating tasks and further improve the response time.

In conjunction with the auto-assign feature, the Urbanise mobile Force app uses machine learning to provide voice and photo recognition capabilities, allowing both FMs and contractors to benefit from an innovative approach to data capturing. Users can simply take a photo or speak to the mobile app to create or update a job, allowing the platform to do the lengthy and inefficient data input on their behalf. 

Of course, the true hero of machine learning is the continuous ability of a system to learn and develop from experience. The user experience of the Urbanise Facilities platform will continue to improve as the system learns through each task and job, offering a truly innovative cloud-based solution.

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