Zenith designs the office to meet the moment

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Zenith chairs

Zenith is helping businesses reimagine how they apply office space, individualise work style to employee needs and recreate the community that’s been sorely missed.

Innovation in workplace design was once led by corporate giants, integrating open-plan, agile and activity-based working solutions. But the post-pandemic demand for flexibility has seen this trickle down to smaller boutique companies tasked with enticing their employees back.

The workspace that must emerge on the other side is one that is animated and operative, actively curating interactions and responding at-pace to employee needs. The office that meets this moment is one where the furniture and space allocation are also actively working, not only the employees.

EPIC Plus Workstation by Zenith

The simplicity of Zenith’s EPIC Plus workstation provides a robust surface for changeable work modes while allowing the rest of your furniture to do the talking.

EPIC Plus’ design coherence creates opportunities for different linear configurations, adaptable to both concentrated and collaborative work. The workstation’s flexibility also extends to length adjustability in the under desk support and its compatibility with S30, Precinct and Ctrl screens.

The workstation is available in a range of desk sizes that provide individualised solutions tailored to your employees and your business.

Remix Task Chair design by Formway Design

By melding traditional values with innovative materials Remix Task Chair innovates upon the conventional upholstered chair. The Task Chair delivers modern performance from within a familiar form, intelligently layering contrasting materials to provide movement and all-day support.

remix chair

Both the Remix Task Chair and High Task Chair feature a trademarked Tandem Back, which delivers immediate, plush comfort and is paired with Flex Net Matrix technology that provides resiliency, flexibility and support. Adjustable tilt tension and a three-point tilt lock offer personalised fits.


Zenith continues its project harmonising technology and furniture with the Floorsight desk reservation system.

Floorsight makes every desk and hub bookable with frictionless check-in and check-out. Employees are able to pre-book their desk on their commute, choosing a setting suitable to their day’s tasks.

Upon arrival at the desk, they check in by tagging their building access card or smartphone on the Floorsight integrated desk puck. Once checked in, the reservation system situates the employee on the virtual floor plan, enabling colleagues to locate one another for meetings or collaborative work.

Unlike other beacon-based solutions, Floorsight includes an unobtrusive yet visible indicator-light for showing the desk’s status. The simple traffic light system allows users to quickly recognise free and reserved desks, along with users that do not want to be disturbed.


Floorsight also includes both a ‘qi’ wireless charger (iPhone 8+ and Android compatible) and a fast charging 2.1A USB charger for earlier devices. Instead of paying for separate top-of-desk charging outlets cluttering up the worktop, Foorsight offers a fully integrated solution.

Zenith is ensuring that the office can become smarter simply with designs that are customisable to the idiosyncrasies of each business and in an ongoing dialog with employees.

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