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For many of us the global events of 2020 have had a profound influence on the way we go about our everyday lives. This is particularly true for those who have seen their professional lives transform into working from home scenarios.

But whether you are someone who has responded by becoming determinedly housebound or are instead outside pounding the streets pre-dawn or walking up a storm in the wintry sunlight, there will likely come a point when you need to sit and work – whether that is at a desk in a home office, at the dining room table or actually in your usual workspace. And when you do, you need a superior work chair that will support you and enable you to work to the best of your ability.

The latest release from Formway could have been developed with today’s situation in mind. Formway is a research-led design studio creating products that answer a need. Contributing designs to some of the world’s most celebrated and innovative furniture brands, Formway has spent five decades researching and developing high-performance seating solutions. Its designs are informed by detailed observation and understanding of how humans genuinely behave. It’s no surprise that the studio now has such a sterling reputation in the field. It has earned it.

Familiar and yet unexpected

And that reputation will no doubt be compounded by Remix. Combining traditional values and modern materials, it’s a work chair that brings dynamic movement to a seemingly conventional upholstered chair, as well as the ability to be customised to suit with a range of feature and colour options. The result is unexpected performance in a familiar form.

Remix features a Tandem Back, which provides immediate and lasting comfort, aided by an extra layer of cushioning. But this is paired with its patented Flex Net Matrix technology, which ensures that the comfort does not come at the expense of resiliency, flexibility and, most importantly, all-day support. This technology is made from high-performance elastomer, specially engineered to ensure that users can focus on the task at hand, secure in the knowledge that their seating has been ergonomically designed for optimum support.

Other features include adjustable tilt tension and a three-point lock, offering a personalised fit and the ability to sit in different positions, with the chair seamlessly accommodating the transitions between them.

Remix is height adjustable and there are two options for the arms, including high-performance, which has arm pads that move in depth, width and pivot. The arm loop can be either aluminium or plastic loop.

Even the castors come in a choice of soft or hard, the former best suited for surfaces like wood or tile floors and the latter for pliable finishes such as carpets.

Choose plastic or polished aluminium for the base and Pebble or Storm for the Flex back net colour. These two colour options are also available for the outer back.

Celebrating an unconventional meeting of the innovative and the traditional, Remix is a work chair that will be as equally at home in the hustle and bustle of a regular workspace environment as it will in a secluded corner in the ‘new normal’ of the working from home space.

For more information, please visit Zenith Interiors Australia.


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