Staying in, here to stay? Australian workers want to keep working from home after COVID-19

by Helena Morgan
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A survey of people who’ve worked from home during the pandemic found that 86 percent want to continue doing so.

Redback Connect’s survey of 1000 people who have been working from home, found 86 percent want to keep doing so, at least part time. Twenty-two percent have already been offered a work-from-home option moving forward and 73 percent believe their employers would be open to it.

“Our survey shows that, after the pandemic, Australian workers want workplaces to change permanently,” says Jeff Downs, CEO and founder of Redback Connect. “Many people have discovered just how much work they can achieve while working from home – especially if they have the right digital resources. If employers listen to their employees, we may see a decentralisation of the workforce from the cities to the suburbs.”

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • after restrictions lift, 28 percent of responders want to work from home full-time and permanently
  • 39 percent want to work from home one or two days per week
  • 20 percent want to work from home three or four days per week
  • eight percent have had their work from home request denied by their employer
  • 50 percent say working from home does not result in a fall in productivity if they have the right tools
  • 33 percent say with the right technology their organisation would increase productivity, and
  • 17 percent think there would be lower productivity if people worked from home.

Digital capabilities favoured by respondents to maximise productivity while working from home include the ability to share and edit documents, projects and schedules, remote meetings and visibility over when colleagues are available or not.

Redback Connect is an Australian digital events company.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

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