Sungrow and Supply Partners Group agreement seeks to enrich Australian renewable energy market

by Helena Morgan
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Global energy inverter and storage supplier, Sungrow, and Australian technical distributor for residential, commercial and industrial applications, Supply Partners Group, have signed a distribution agreement in a bid to streamline battery and EV charging for commercial and residential use. 

This promising distribution agreement was announced at last year’s All Energy Expo and reinforces Sungrow’s and Supply Partner Group’s devotion to servicing the Australian market with access to renewable and sustainable energy solutions.

Sungrow vows to supply 400 megawatts (MW) of inverter to Supply Partners Group throughout this year, and Supply Partners Group will subsequently provide direct distribution services across all residential, commercial and battery divisions. 

This partnership marks an exciting new era for Sungrow and Supply Partners Group, as they are increasing involvement in the commercial and industrial sector, commercial energy storage space and the electric vehicle (EV) charging market. The commercial and industrial storage pact will cater to a hefty amount of 50 megawatt hours (MWh) of storage over the current calendar year. 

Delivering thoughtful and well-supported renewable energy solutions 

For 27 years, Sungrow has proudly offered a vast array of products and services to different global markets and developed a reputation for prioritising quality, reliability and innovation. 

Additionally, as an Australian-owned brand specialising in renewable energy wholesale distribution and education, Supply Partners Group facilitates new market segments for Australian solar and battery customers through the assistance of design support. 

The wholesale distribution group also works to refine and endorse the skills of industry participants and installer customers in an effort to future-proof the market and ensure the involved parties are knowledgeable and credible solar and battery businesses. 

Continued commitment to the local market 

Sungrow Australia’s country manager Joe Zhou and Supply Partners Group director John Degotardi signed the agreement that is set to usher in a period of growth in battery and EV charging for Australian residential and commercial use. 

“We look forward to the strong relationship between Sungrow and Supply Partners’ technical teams to build an effective product feedback loop and better serve our Australian customers,” says Zhou. 

Degotardi is keen to see electricians receive training in promoting and installing Sungrow inverters and batteries under the distribution agreement. 

“Supply Partners Group are privileged with this contract, we are proud this year to have launched New Energy Training a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia,” says Degotardi. 

Photography supplied by Sungrow and Supply Partners Group. 

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