Sylvania and Austube sale to Schréder complete

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The acquisition of lighting manufacturers Sylvania and Austube by the Schréder Group is now complete.

Group Schréder will operate in the Australian and New Zealand markets combining both existing names and brands, as Sylvania Schréder and Austube Schréder. Both Schréder Australia and Sylvania Schréder’s teams will be integrated into a single entity, creating a strong market leader in Australia.

Sylvania Schréder’s CEO, Kaushal Kapadia, says: “This marks a significant milestone for outdoor and infrastructure lighting in Australia. The joint organisation will be able to strengthen their respective product portfolios and benefit from a more competitive and complete offering.”

Sylvania – now rebranded as Sylvania Schréder – is the leading outdoor lighting brand in Australia. It designs and manufactures outdoor lighting with applications in roads, tunnels, bridges (including Sydney Harbour Bridge), decorative lighting, recreational sports and smart lighting connected solutions. Austube – now rebranded as Austube Schréder – designs and manufactures indoor linear lighting solutions for applications in railway, airports and commercial infrastructures.

“By leveraging Schréder’s global experience and technology and Sylvania’s local know-how and market leadership, we will be able to deliver even better solutions and further strengthen our customer relationships. This will open up possibilities for more product innovation in both lighting and new markets,” says Kapadia.

The integration of both entities will be seamless, with no change to the level of service to customers. Operations will be largely unchanged for the foreseeable future and will continue to operate under the leadership of Kaushal Kapadia.

Schréder Group CEO, Werner De Wolf, says: “We are in the business of bringing people seamless lighting experiences and growing the smart cities of tomorrow. Now as an integrated organisation we can combine our strong reputation in the market with global innovation, creating a stronger market leader in Australia.”

Sylvania has been operating for more than 50 years in Australia and globally for more than a century. Austube Linear Lighting Systems has been manufacturing extrusion-based luminaires that incorporate new technologies for more than 20 years.

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