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Viewsonic screen

Two advanced high definition touch screen displays for educational and commercial environments have just been released.

Introduced by ViewSonic Corp, the premium model of the two, CDE8451-TL, is an 84-inch, interactive large-format display with 4K Ultra-HD resolution. The fine resolution makes it especially applicable for the corporate, government, science and medical sectors. It also features a six-point touch-enabled surface that allows up to six users to simultaneously write, draw or annotate with fingers or stylus devices. Users can also edit documents and images on the screen in real time.

“Group interaction is an important factor for corporate and education environments, as smart classrooms and boardrooms are becoming increasingly popular in Australia,” explains Max Hsu, PM director for ViewSonic Asia Pacific. “By combining 4K resolution with interactive touch technology, two great innovations in the display market, the CDE8451-TL offers a best-in-class solution to customers that want high-performance displays.”

The new standard model, CDE7051-TL, is a 70-inch, six-point simultaneous touch, interactive smart display with full HD resolution. Equipped with a tempered glass overlay, anti-glare treatment and rounded corners, the CDE7051-TL is built-for and intended for heavy use.

Both ViewSonic displays feature a variety of connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, VGA and RS232 for multiple display and device manageability. Additionally, these interactive displays have an optional internal PC slot that can accommodate an i5 class Windows 8 PC (NMP-708/ NMP-707). Together, with this PC option, the CDE8451-TL and CDE7051-TL displays become fully integrated, all-in-one interactive solutions.

More information: www.viewsonic.com.au

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