TerraCycle: general public can now invest in the innovative recycling company

by Corporate Waste Solutions
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TerraCycle US, the company’s US subsidiary, has announced that its $25 million Regulation A offering has been qualified by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), thereby allowing anyone the opportunity to invest in the innovative recycling company.

TerraCycle is the world’s leader in the collection and repurposing of hard-to-recycle post-consumer waste and has developed proprietary solutions to recycle a range of complex waste streams, from cigarette butts and chewing gum to dirty diapers, ocean plastic, adhesive packaging and household paint.

“Our mission at TerraCycle is to eliminate waste, recycle the unrecyclable and use our innovative business solutions to minimise human impact on the planet,” says CEO Tom Szaky. “During the course of our 15-year history, we’ve inspired a passionate following and have been asked by those who support our mission how they can invest in the company. With the recent qualification by the SEC, now any category of investor can invest in our US operating company and I’m pleased to be in a position to invite the public to participate in our future.”

Using third party logistics and facilities, TerraCycle converts collected waste into raw materials that are sold to and used by manufacturers to create new products. Examples of waste streams collected and recycled by TerraCycle include chip bags, coffee capsules, cigarette butts, oral care, beauty care, writing utensils and over 100 other waste streams in the United States. Through its programs, TerraCycle has shown that consumers favour businesses that provide recycling solutions for the products they manufacture.

Through the Regulation A offering, TerraCycle US seeks to use the proceeds from the offering to acquire related companies, increase staff and grow its business. Interested investors are invited to visit www.OwnTerraCycle.com to view detailed information about the offering.

Regulation A is part of the JOBS Act, a bi-partisan legislation signed in 2012. The new form of Regulation A went into effect in 2015. This legislation greatly expanded entrepreneurs’ access to capital, allowing them to crowdfund their capital raises and opened the door to non-accredited investors to participate in early stage investments, subject to SEC review.

TerraCycle has helped educate the public about the challenges associated with waste and donated millions of dollars to schools and charities in the process. In addition to programs that are paid for by manufacturers and are free to the public, TerraCycle also sells Zero Waste Boxes that are purchased by end users to recycle items in offices, homes, factories and public facilities. To learn more or to get involved in the recycling programs, please visit www.terracycle.com.

Image: Teerawut Masawat © 123RF.com

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