Tesla charges ahead with new EV stations promised for NSW

by Liv Croagh
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Over the next two years, Tesla has promised four new 15-bay EV charging stations across NSW. This increase of charging stations will allow 500 Teslas to charge throughout the state.

On Sunday 23 October, NSW’s state treasurer and energy minister Matt Kean unveiled $39.4 million of grants. The money is to be distributed among Tesla, BP, Ampol, Evie Networks and solar farm owners Zeus Renewables. The Tesla portion will help to build 86 new EV charging locations across Sydney and regional NSW. 

The biggest charging station will be the four 15-bay super charge station. It will be built by Tesla at key locations on the coast, primarily in main holiday areas from Albury to Coffs Harbour. The massive bay will be the largest charging station to date. 

As Tesla is dominating the EV market in Australia, the newly developed charging stations will be a welcome addition for Tesla owners

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