The Facilities Forum vows to safeguard an equal and inclusive industry future

by Helena Morgan
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Founded by Lisa Macqueen, Nora Potter and Sally Hunt, The Facilities Forum is a new networking event committed to uplifting the efforts of women in the industry and making facility management an exemplar in inclusion and diversity.

The Facilities Forum invites female procurement managers, operations managers and experts in commercial facility management and commercial property management to revel in the possibilities of an empowering, supportive and didactic network within a historically male-dominated industry. 

Leading by example 

Participants are promised insight and guidance from founders Macqueen, Potter and Hunt. 

Macqueen is the award-winning CEO and co-founder of Cleancorp known for her marketing and leadership finesse. She is a skilled public speaker and advocates for resilience and innovation in facilities management.

Potter brings a staunch belief in ecological responsibility to the forum as the founder of Ecofy, which specialises in chemical-free and sustainable cleaning solutions. 

Hunt is the general manager of Cleancorp Australia and New Zealand and has tallied 22 years of industry experience across Europe and Australia. She is determined to incite lasting change for women in facilities management via a strategic vision and commitment to excellence. 

Career advancement and confidence 

Through hosting quarterly networking events, the forum will create a strong community and facilitate connections between like-minded women in facility management, helping women refine their personal brand and embrace constant learning. 

The forum will not shy away from addressing the lingering barriers to gender parity in facilities management. Founders Macqueen, Potter, and Hunt envisage the network as equipping women with the tools and resources necessary for ascension into senior and decision-making roles.

The first-of-its-kind initiative expands beyond the realms of a mere networking event – Macqueen, Potter, and Hunt refer to the forum as a movement and pursuit towards a more inclusive and diverse future for women in the industry. 

For more information on The Facilities Forum and how to participate, visit The Facilities Forum.

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