The first technology innovation introduced by Brookfield Johnson Controls to be demonstrated at WORKTECH Melbourne 13

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Brookfield Johnson Controls will provide the first public demonstration of its new workplace utilisation technology, Workplace Motion, at WORKTECH Melbourne 2013 on Tuesday.

“As working habits have changed, the way we use the workplace has evolved. The ability to accurately measure how workspace is being used is critical to making informed real estate decisions. In the past, space utilisation has been manually recorded on site by teams. The challenge for the industry has been to unobtrusively capture real-time occupancy data and provide analysis and reporting to help companies create workplaces that support their changing needs,” Andrew Marshall, director of Workplace Strategy at Brookfield Johnson Controls, states.
Workplace Motion is a ‘passive’ workplace monitoring system that uses a combination of heat and motion sensors to provide an accurate picture of how a workplace is actually being used in real time to identify spare capacity. The data can then be analysed and interpreted to help make strategic corporate property decisions. Workplace Motion can be installed at any workplace location and can be left to operate around the clock. Once installed, it will remain maintenance-free for up to two years.
It enables Brookfield Johnson Controls’ Workplace Strategy team to track the utilisation of any given space and could be used to show how a company’s entire portfolio, or even a single building or floor, was being used during a specified period of time. The system uses analytics to provide actionable business intelligence.
Workplace Motion is the first technology innovation to be introduced by Brookfield Johnson Controls, which was formed in November 2012 when Brookfield and Johnson Controls merged their Australian and New Zealand property and facility services operations.
The new technology will be shown for the first time in public at WORKTECH Melbourne 2013. WORKTECH Melbourne 2013 will take place on Tuesday 26 February at the city’s 242 Telstra Conference Centre and is part of an international workplace conference series.

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