The future of security solutions

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TOM ROCHE, managing director of SNP Security, forecasts the future of security systems.

With access to the internet and search engines, today’s end users are more knowledgeable about security products and services than ever before. They expect higher quality service and more varied engagements, while also expecting integrators to provide comprehensive, packaged security solutions with the latest technology, exceptional professional service and personal control. This is the future of security.

Integrators like us should more openly discuss the processes and technologies that form the key components of a strategic, comprehensive and integrated security solution directly with their clients. Through these open dialogues with end users, combined with integrators’ knowledge and expertise, innovation for security products will be formed.
Much of today’s manual intervention to events will soon be replaced with a sophisticated array of integrated technologies, designed to automate portions of routine decision-making and ensure process compliance. In the ’60s, analogue video surveillance systems or CCTV (closed-circuit television) systems were considered a breakthrough innovation for crime prevention. They comprised a limited variety of cumbersome, basic and costly equipment. These products were primarily used for the purpose of security in high-priority applications, such as government buildings, banks and casinos.
The security industry is more sophisticated now, evolving and shifting away from breakthroughs to more incremental innovations, such as reducing the costs of purchasing and implementing security systems. We have evolved from cumbersome analogue video surveillance systems to continually recording digital video surveillance systems. These surveillance systems are capable of remote viewing, as well as numerous other features that were unimaginable only a few years ago.
Many devices were and are designed as stand-alone solutions and do not necessarily work with other security products or technology. This limits the choices of end users when selecting security products. As we look to tomorrow, we will see that the adoption of robust industry standards will enable greater product interoperability and more rapid adoption of emerging technologies. This expanded interoperability will provide end users with more flexibility and choices when selecting security technologies.

With the inevitable advance of technology, integrators with specialised knowledge of a broad range of security products and systems will be able to conduct a more thorough, comprehensive physical security and technology assessment, provide better tailored recommendations to fit the end user and also greater product interoperability.
It is now possible to link and combine security products to provide the best in class security system. For example, in the Melbourne suburb of Footscray for Maribyrnong Council, we installed 31 high-definition cameras, seven pan tilt zoom (PTZ), fully encrypted wireless mesh technology and relatively inconspicuous. The PTZ cameras allow end users to focus in and track subjects for video surveillance and also have built-in auto tracking features, allowing the camera to automatically follow movement within a scene and track the subject by panning, tilting and zooming in on the subject.
For high-end luxury retail stores, security measures can also be strengthened by installing a spray system that is mounted on the ceiling and, when activated via a remote control, will emit a fine mist onto the offender while simultaneously notifying the local police of the incident in real time.
The spray solution glows blue under ultraviolet light and is completely insoluble, remaining on a criminal’s skin for up to two weeks. When the solution is analysed, the unique DNA marker present in each spray provides the police with irrefutable evidence of the offender’s crime.
An alternative set-up involves sending live video feeds to the end user’s mobile or tablet. This will enable the end user to take action instantaneously, zoom into the crime scene and determine whether security guards and/or police intervention is required.

Today, integrators typically focus most of their efforts on implementation. Tomorrow, integrators will need to have the skills and commitment to partner with their end users through the entire life cycle – from strategy development through to ongoing adaptation.
End users should expect their integrators to be proficient in providing the right combination of people, processes and technology to tailor a unique solution that can evolve with their business.

SNP Security is an Australian-owned company with over 85 years’ experience, providing advice and installing integrated security solutions for government departments, major corporations, retail, banking and small businesses. The company provides security officers, mobile security patrols, Grade A1 monitoring and electronic security, including security alarms, CCTV systems, access controls and security intercom systems.

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