The Greenwall Company introduces new office greening options

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Checkerboard walls, bespoke pot-free outdoor planters, and cacti and tree planters join The Greenwall Company’s growing range.

The company aims to help businesses and homeowners reclaim the built environment by introducing greenery to building façades and indoor spaces. The new designs are created, in particular, for people who don’t have standard blank concrete walls to work with and are looking for more unique solutions.

Checkerboard Greenwalls are a pattern of greenwall panels arranged in a checkerboard layout. By halving the surface area, the cost is proportionately reduced.


The EcoPillow planter is a pre-planted lightweight gabion available in bespoke sizes and shapes depending on available area. Lighter than a pot full of soil, EcoPillows are easily moved and designed for balconies and outdoor entertaining spaces.

The Blade Greenwall is a small slice of greenwall, sized 200mm by 200mm by 2000mm, to incorporate green strips within the façade of an existing building.

The three new products join The Greenwall Company’s existing range of Standard Greenwalls, Pseudo Greenwalls and Greenroofs.

“All of our installations, big or small, are planted with our patented soilless media, which is made from 94 percent recycled expanded plastics that would otherwise be destined for Australian landfill,” says horticulturalist and founder of The Greenwall Company, Mark Paul. “The formulation is so much lighter than soil, even when wet.”

Indoor plants provide benefit beyond their aesthetic appeal, improving air quality, reducing the urban heat island effect and having positive effects on the general well-being of those around them.


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