The importance of standby generator maintenance with Cummins

by Sophie Berrill
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Cummins emergency standby generators

Emergency standby generators are essential to keeping facilities up and running during unexpected power emergencies and outages. But without routine maintenance, they run a high risk of significant system or operational failure.

Cummins, a global leader in diesel and gas generator technologies and products, is only too aware of the outcome of maintenance negligence. In fact, maintenance negligence is the single most common reason for genset and power system failures.

“Diesel and gas generator sets and their control systems are complex pieces of equipment, so routine servicing and preventive maintenance are critical to overall system reliability,” says Stuart Quinn, aftermarket business development manager for Cummins Asia Pacific’s power generation business.                                              

“Ensuring that a standby generator starts and runs when needed, especially in critical locations such as hospitals, is a facility manager’s number one priority.”

Emergency standby generators

Cummins emergency standby generators at Austin Hospital in Melbourne.

Cummins offers a broad range of diesel and gas generators for standby and prime power applications, from eight kilovolt-amperes (kVA) to 3750 kVA. It also offers digital controls, transfer switches, paralleling systems and remote monitoring. 

The ability to design and build total turnkey systems and offer top-level after-sales support is Cummins’ competitive edge. It sees the company providing the energy that supports vital infrastructure in hospitals, communications facilities, office towers, factories, airports, data centres, mines and farms.

Cummins’ low-emission gas generators also feature in ground-breaking microgrid projects in Australia that incorporate hybrid gas, solar, wind turbine and battery power systems.

Digital Realty facilities

Data centre giant Digital Realty relies on Cummins for critical protection power at its facilities in Sydney and Melbourne.

The 104-year-old company, which pioneered the commercialisation of the diesel engine in the early 1900s, has endured many business cycles. It is well-equipped to navigate those cycles now and into the future as a technology leader, delivering best-in-class products to customers.

“Technological innovation, brand reputation and credibility are core to Cummins’ history, and they  ensure the company is committed more than ever to supporting its customers with the best solutions for their needs,” says Quinn. 

Capped-price servicing

Quinn says Cummins aims to provide peace of mind with capped-price, customised service solutions that underpin generator system reliability and long life, ensuring that any minor issues are identified prior to becoming major problems.

“In the Asia Pacific region, these solutions include minor services on a monthly, quarterly or biannual basis and include comprehensive engine, fuel tank and generator controller checks, a generator operational test and, in the case of the biannual service, oil and fuel analysis,” he explains.

“Major services are offered on a 12-monthly basis and include all the checks and operational testing, as well as oil and filter changes and environmentally-approved disposal of oil and filters.

“All service solutions include 24/7 support with fast response and diagnosis, a 90-day workmanship guarantee, 12-month parts warranty, and a detailed service report.”

Cummins diesel and gas generators

Many mine sites in the Asia Pacific region use Cummins diesel and gas generators for standby and prime power.

He points out that additional services offered by Cummins include load bank testing, building facility load testing and a genset controller upgrade. The company also services other brands of generator sets.

The support capabilities Cummins has built in the Asia Pacific region are unmatched. In the South Pacific, for example, 35 company-owned branches are dedicated to customer support in strategic locations around Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. All these branches offer both in-shop and field service capability.

Cummins also operates a Customer Care Centre, based in Melbourne, which is staffed 24/7 by highly qualified technicians and parts interpreters who handle around 30,000 calls per month. Available to customers in Australia and New Zealand, the centre organises breakdown support, provides diagnostic and one-on-one technical support, and handles parts orders and enquiries.

Cummins emergency standby generators

The world-class 60,000-seat Perth Stadium has four Cummins emergency standby generators.

With Cummins diesel and gas engines powering more types of equipment in more markets than any other engine brand globally, Cummins continues to invest in – and develop – these engine technologies that will serve for decades to come. There are still significant gains Cummins can achieve with internal combustion technology in reducing atmospheric pollutants.

At the same time, the company is investing billions of dollars in alternative technologies as it commits to net-zero carbon by 2050 under its Destination Zero strategy. This is to go further, faster to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) and air quality impacts of its products.

“At Cummins, we have developed a deep understanding of the key reliability and cost metrics for our customers,” says Quinn. 

“In power generation those metrics are headlined by customised service and support to eliminate unwanted issues and deliver peak performance, thus providing our customers with peace of mind.”

Download the Cummins service and data centre brochures via the website.

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