Three new commercial LED lighting products launched

by FM Media

enLighten Australia has launched three new commercial products and has expanded its operations into West Australia and Victoria amid growing private and public sector uptake of LED lighting.

enLighten Australia, a Sydney based energy efficiency and lighting solutions company, has launched three new commercial products and is expanding its operations into West Australia and Victoria amid growing private and public sector uptake of LED lighting.
In recent months the company has focused on designing low energy lighting solutions for high occupancy areas, such as commercial office tenancies, schools, hospitals, hotels and large retailers. This has resulted in three new lighting solutions: the Velorum LED troffer, which is suitable for replacing T8 and T5 fluorescent lighting in grid ceiling applications; the Pixidis LED down light, which offers a high quality efficient alternative to halogen lighting; and the Cetus LED high bay and low bay range, which is suitable for manufacturing, loading docks, retail and warehousing applications.
According to the company, the Velorum is perfect for retrofit solution for CBD program tenancy lighting assessments as it delivers more lumens per watt than other LED products on the market. The product uses enLighten’s own power module self-test EPM technology. EPM guarantees long life while supporting a range of high-tech add-ons to maximise energy savings and improve the all-of-life cost, enLighten states.
The Velorum troffer has delivered up to 70 percent energy savings compared to traditional fluorescent lighting and offers enLighten’s patented Radio Frequency Occupancy Sensing (RFOS) technology, which senses movement and allows light to be delivered to the space in accordance with operational requirements, the company adds.
It notes that the Pixidis downlight offers flexible light management capabilities and enables energy savings of up to 80 percent compared to halogen lighting, while the Cetus can be used in both high bay and low bay applications using a variety of company designed lense types to tailor the light output to the lighting need. Cetus offers 50 to 70 percent savings compared to traditional mercury vapour lighting, according to enLighten.
The company adds that all solutions also reduce building heat load caused by lighting by up to 80 percent, thus reducing the cost of air-conditioning.
Having launched its Victorian office in March 2012, enLighten recently commenced operations in Western Australia and the Northern Territory through the appointment of a distributor. The company is currently assessing distribution partnerships in Victoria and Queensland, which will broaden the existing geographic reach. With the assistance of Enterprise Connect Australia, the management team is also conducting targeted export market analyses with plans for a staged international market entry from 2013.

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