Tiled roofing approved for bushfire zones

by FM Media
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The Roofing Tile Association of Australia (RTAA) has announced the launch of a fully compliant roofing system for tiled roofs that meets the rigorous new Australian Standard for bushfire zones, introduced by the Victorian Government in March 2009.
Victorians planning to rebuild on sites assessed as Bushfire Attack Level – Flame Zones (BAL-FZ), the highest level of bushfire risk, can be assured of the fire resistance of materials used in the system, which includes all concrete roof tiles manufactured in Australia.
Tony Tanner, executive director of the RTAA, says that the development and independent fire-testing of the system was funded by Australian roof tile manufacturers, all of which are members of the RTAA, the industry’s peak organisation.
“The benefits of tiled roofs in terms of durability, strength and long life are well known,” Tanner says. “Their density and mass make them the preferred choice for both acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as offering greater resistance to wind suction than lightweight metal sheets.
“Roof tiles are also non-combustible and we are pleased to prove at the highest level the protection they provide against radiant heat from bushfires.”
In addition to the basic roof test as described in the AS1530.8.2, the RTAA tested structural and fixing components to deliver a comprehensive system that covers battens, trusses, valleys, barges, hips and gables. This will allow builders to construct a wide range of building designs.
As all roof systems must be installed strictly in accordance with the certified specifications, the RTAA will be conducting information sessions for builders and tradespeople affected in metropolitan and regional centres across Victoria over the coming month.
The RTAA will shortly release a booklet detailing construction and installation instructions for tiled roofs across all bushfire levels. It is also soon to undertake fire-resistant testing of terracotta tiles and evaluation of additional roofing materials for eaves, fascias and lining materials to offer greater flexibility.

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