Time restrictions imposed on Green Star design ratings

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From 1 January 2013, Green Star – Design ratings will only be valid for 24 months after a building’s practical completion.

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has introduced a time restriction on the validity of Green Star – Design ratings to strengthen the robustness of Australia’s environmental rating system for buildings.
This new policy will apply to any project registered for a design rating from 1 January 2013 – irrespective of the rating tool used. The 24-month time restriction on design ratings will not apply to projects registered before 1 January 2013.
“Green Star is an evolving rating system, and we are committed to ensuring it continues to adapt and respond to the industry’s needs. Extensive stakeholder research has found that one of the best ways to reinforce the value of Green Star is to place an expiry date on Green Star – Design ratings,” Andrew Aitken, the GBCA’s executive director of Green Star, imparts.
“Many building projects are promoted as Green Star-rated buildings long after they have been built – despite having no certification that demonstrates the Green Star design was reflected in the construction or in the performance of the building,” he notes.
“This has created some confusion in the marketplace. By limiting the length of time that building projects can market a Green Star – Design rating, we will strengthen the robustness of the Green Star rating system, and ensure that project teams that achieve As Built and future Green Star – Performance ratings are recognised and rewarded.”
Siobhan Toohill, Stockland’s general manager of corporate responsibility and sustainability, comments, “Introducing time-bound ratings for Green Star will help to ensure that completed buildings deliver on the Green Star promises made during the design phase.”
“Once a building is constructed, our focus should be on what was actually built, not the design. The GBCA’s new measure will support the uptake of more Green Star – As Built ratings, and ensure that green design translates into green buildings,” adds Daniel Grollo, Grocon’s chief executive officer.

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