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The Hardcat Tool Manager optimises the management of tools, providing companies complete visibility and control over their entire tool inventory. It is designed to avoid misuse by employees, making them more accountable for the tools they are using while also ensuring that warranty claims are not missed.

The product has been developed in consultation with many asset management customers in the resources and energy production sectors.

The Tool Manager system works by tagging all tools using options preferred by the customers such as barcodes, Direct Part Marking or RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags while also generating detailed records for each staff member as well as external contractors.

It allows companies to structure and categorise their entire tools and equipment register within the core module and at the same time collect, track and report on a wealth of information about each piece of equipment. Information held against each item can be accessed and sorted by any field. Each item in the database can have as many as 10,500 associated fields.

It also allows you to know exactly where all you tools and equipment are in real time, where they have been and who has been responsible for them at any given time.

Moreover, each tool or piece of equipment as well as person in the Hardcat database has its own audit trail, which cannot be altered providing management with full chain of custody of each tool from procurement through to disposal.

The Tool Manager is scalable accommodating companies with a few hundred tools to those with several hundred thousand tools. The solution is platform agnostic which means that it can be used SQL, Sybase or Oracle databases, and the Smartphone app, Micat is available on Apple or android mobile devices allowing dynamic tool management to happen in the field and on job sites.

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