Tork promotes ‘leaving a legacy’ through FSC Friday campaign

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Tork, one of the leading names in workplace hygiene, has joined the ‘FSC Friday’ campaign to help promote awareness of the international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the not-for-profit organisation’s responsible forestry principles and practices.

FSC Friday is a global celebration held annually on the last Friday of September and this year, FSC Australia is holding a Facebook competition for supporters in Australia and New Zealand. ‘Leave a Legacy’ is the key message of the campaign. And the reward for anyone who makes a pledge and shares the legacy message through Facebook is the chance to win five nights at luxury Paperbark Camp eco-resort in Jervis Bay, NSW.

FSC Australia sets the economic, social and environmental standards for the forest industry to adhere to – independent auditors then make the assessments to decide if a forest can be FSC certified. The FSC certification is internationally recognised as an environmental and social standard for responsible forest management.

In addition to building business and consumer demand for FSC certified products, FSC Friday aims to increase understanding of the FSC label.

“FSC is the best forestry and chain of custody certification system available,” said Jane Mansfield, Sustainability Manager at Asaleo Care (which is a member of FSC Australia). “Our offering of 64 Tork FSC certified products is growing, and we’ve invested in FSC Chain of Custody certification for all of our manufacturing facilities. These actions, together with our support for FSC Friday, are evidence of how strongly we believe in supporting responsible forestry.”

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