Tree stock draft standard open for public comment

by FM Media
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Aiming to provide suppliers and purchasers of tree stock with a method to identify quality trees for landscaping, Standards Australia has opened the draft standard, AS 2303 Tree Stock for Landscape Use for public comment.

“Growing quality tree stock is important and the starting point for ensuring the long-term success of trees in the landscape,” said Dr Bronwyn Evans, CEO, Standards Australia.

The standard recognises the variability of tree stock, including the species of tree, and the climate and environment where they are grown. It takes into account factors such as well-developed tree roots and adequate stem taper, which are necessary for the tree to absorb water and nutrients, and develop structural strength.

“The care and use of professional techniques during a tree stock production process are very important, in addition to well-managed nursery conditions,” Evans said.

The public comment period is open for submissions until 21 April. For more information, visit


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