The true cost of going green

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Going green brings an array of benefits to Australian businesses.

Going green doesn’t have to be a costly process for facility managers if sustainability is approached strategically.

The process of ‘going green’ is a challenge for any facility or operations manager. Despite best intentions, the varying and complex considerations that must be addressed can feel nothing short of overwhelming – especially when you put a dollar value on them. As a result, many Australian businesses are hesitating to fully commit to sustainable efforts.

When you consider traditional business mindsets, this is understandable. Facility managers and other business leaders are used to putting the company’s needs before others, meaning environmental concerns often fall by the wayside. After all, the idea of making significant investments in initiatives that don’t result in immediate financial benefits for the company is as foreign to some as the concept of climate change was two decades ago.

But priorities have changed, and the case for sustainability is as vital to the viability and longevity of a modern business as any other. More, the transition to a sustainable asset or organisation is one that will result in a financial boost. A boost that is predicted to result in $26 trillion in savings by 2030, according to The 2018 Report of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.

Australian business leaders can share in these savings without breaking the bank or disrupting daily operations. All that’s required is a strategic approach to sustainability – one that considers how making even a single change can create multiple benefits.

For example, let’s consider water.

Billi is renowned for its eco focus. Our filtered water systems offer unique power consumption advantages to conserve energy, including a stand-by mode that conserves power during set non-use periods.

Our focus goes beyond energy savings though. This, of course, is important, but there are other aspects of Billi filtered water systems that make them a sustainable option.

For one, chilling water creates wasted heat energy. Billi’s patented technology recovers and reuses this energy to preheat the boiling water.

The use of Billi’s filtered water systems also helps our clients meet Green Building Design objectives. That’s possible, in part, due to the Gold level Global GreenTag certification achieved on our Eco, Quadra and Quadra Plus models.

Global GreenTag is one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognised ecolabels, which independently assures that every product is fitness tested and certified.

Billi’s Gold level certification confirms that our systems:

  • Are Australian made
  • Make buildings and other systems more efficient
  • Are a multiple purpose product
  • Complies with Australian building codes and laws
  • Are fit for purpose
  • Are safe to use
  • Produce a low carbon footprint
  • Are highly water efficient

Going green doesn’t have to be complex. It doesn’t have to be costly. But it does need to happen. By considering solutions that help tick multiple boxes, such as Billi’s filtered water systems, we can make it happen together.

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