UHF CB two-way radio from Uniden

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Uniden’s new flagship five-watt UH950S UHF CB two-way radio is an ideal communication device for remote locations with little or no mobile phone coverage. Built to withstand rugged outdoor conditions in Australia and New Zealand, the radio has been temperature-tested and is shock resistant for high performance.

Compliant with the internationally accepted Japanese Industrial Standards system, JIS7, the radio is suited to both wet and dry conditions. The UH950S scans up to 80 frequencies across a 15-kilometre radius. Its 2300-milliampere hour lithium-ion battery offers up to 27 hours of operating time.

The radio employs Uniden’s trademark Master Scan technology that allows all radios in a group to automatically switch to a new channel if external users interrupt the existing channel. Furthermore, the voice scramble feature clutters the voice signal to prevent external users from understanding the conversation.

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