User-friendly and secure clean-up cart

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Safety and security, and ease of use are incorporated in the new Gala Clean-Up Cart.

Pall Mall’s new Gala Clean-Up Cart is built on a tubular, non-corrosive, easy-to-clean, aluminium framework that ensures strength and rigidity. In addition, it features four non-marking tyred wheels. The two rear tyres are hinged for ease of movement, with no noise.
A large capacity vinyl bag that has a zippered flap comes standard with the Gala Clean-Up Cart. This zippered flap allows an internal disposable garbage bag to be easily taken out of the vinyl bag without having to remove the entire vinyl bag from the internal hooks, or having to lift up and out a full, heavy garbage bag. In addition, the bag area has a hinged lid to close off the garbage, and behind the lid is an ergonomic and comfortable handle. Under the bag is a hinged tray that can be used to support the vinyl bag or, if the bag is removed, support any other implement. It can also be lifted out of the way altogether.
The cart features four of Pall Mall’s tool holders. They hold and allow easy removal of wet mops or any other handled items, such as brooms, squeegees or dust mops. The cart also has hooks to hold A-frame safety signs and in the front of the cart there is a substantial platform for a mop bucket.
As security and safety are now important for carts used in public places, the cart has a closed-in central cabinet with a lock-up door either side. This means that all major cleaning materials and appliances carried inside the cabinet will be secure if the cart is left unattended. In addition, the hooded area on the top of the cart is closed off with a shutter door that is lockable. This protects smaller items stocked in this area.
Inside the lock-up areas are two caddies and two bins for storage and to stop the movement of cleaning materials. The caddies and bins can be removed, if so desired, and the internal shelves that remain can be used for carrying items such as towels.

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