Vanishing user-interface panel

by FM Media
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A user-interface panel that can be configured to control local lighting only or site-wide networked devices.

The first user-interface panel in Philips Dynalite’s Antumbra range of networked control systems targets residential, hospitality and commercial market segments. The Antumbra panel can be custom configured to have many different button combinations and perform a vast range of functions, from simple local lighting control to driving site-wide networked devices, such as blinds and HVAC systems.
The design of the panel incorporates multiple hidden sensory inputs to automatically control the local environment. It uses field effect technology, so when a user approaches the device, the panel will light up, resulting in a wall wash effect, welcoming the user to interact with the device. When the user moves away, all the wall wash effect and indicating lighting will fade away, allowing the panel to merge into the wall architecture. A built-in temperature sensor also automatically measures the local area and adjusts the air-conditioning when integrated into the network system.

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