Using AR to visualise workplace utilisation data analytics

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Vantage Space is prototyping an augmented reality analysis platform for workplace utilisation and occupancy studies. Augmented Reality (AR) is the overlaying of digital images onto a real world view in real time through a camera of an electronic device.

With traditional workplace reporting and analysis reporting, the context of the real environment and its occupants is easily lost. Vantage Space’s Augmented Reality Analysis (ARA)  prototype overlays pertinent, objective workplace analytic data onto office spaces in real time as the user tours the building. It is a visual and interactive way of exploring the data and bringing it to life. Watch a short video about ARA here:

Monica Jayne, vice president of growth at Vantage Space, says, “With augmented reality Vantage Space superimposes the utilisation data of your workplace onto the real environment. This way you can make fully integrated decisions as you view statistical information and workplace analytics at the same time as the human and real-world context of the architecture and office space layout.”

Vantage Space ARA offers new possibilities: tour the workplace with clients, supervisors, key stakeholders and decision makers, viewing various analytics displayed in real time. No more shuffling through papers, charts and graphs or trying to recall the numbers. If a stakeholder cannot be there, ARA gives the option to record a tour and pass it on to them.

With a picture of the occupancy and utilisation study analysis overlaid onto the actual space, decisions become clear.

“One way we imagine you using Augmented Reality Analysis by Vantage Space is in a discovery phase, where it can be difficult to understand what is going on in your workplace by reviewing statistics and traditional charts in reports outside the context of the environment,” Jayne says. “Instead, take a walking tour to see where and why the data on paper is showing up in this way. ARA can lead you to the information that answers all of your questions.”


The interface displays data for any type of workspace: desks, meeting rooms, common areas etc, which users can click to access graphical analysis and more information such as occupancy rate over time, unused meeting rooms and activities and technologies that employees are using. Heat maps show activity hot spots and cool spots. View the overall data or drill down to specific days and times of the week.

Vantage Space ARA allows users to stay in touch with the reality of office and meeting space by allowing realtime review in the actual space, while the Vantage Space Dashboard allows you to view your workplace analytics in a traditional way from anywhere.

More information about Vantage Space, including free accounts for consultancies and enterprises, can be found on their website

Images courtesy of Vantage Space.

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