Vault Intelligence pairs with start-up to address workplace mental health

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Vault Intelligence, a leading provider of cloud based risk and safety management software, has announced an integration with a Perth start-up, Tap into Safety, to expand its hazard reporting and mental health management capabilities.

Founded in 2014, Tap into Safety software combines interactive technology with modern learning practices to produce training and monitoring that focuses on the individual worker to provide detailed data on knowledge and performance. Vault customers will now be able to access Tap into Safety’s Hazard Insight tool, offering hazard perception training using 360-degree panoramic gamified training to gain insight into safety knowledge gaps.

Vault is also integrating with another of Tap Into Safety’s solutions, All of Me. Launched in 2016, All of Me is an early intervention mental health training and reporting tool, built in response to climbing suicide rates and a growing need for effective solutions for businesses managing mental health. It provides animated scenario-based training, mental health assistance at the click of a button, and monitoring of stress, anxiety and depression levels. The analytics produced draw comparisons between groups to identify and address early indicators of rising mental health decline before they affect performance.

“This is an exciting step that introduces some very important new capabilities into the Vault mix,” says Dave Moylan, Vault founder and CEO.

“Having access to Tap into Safety’s amazing gamified scenario training will really improve what Vault can offer in terms of risk management training. All of Me is really a standout in terms of workplace mental health intervention. Our existing products include general mental health reporting but giving our customers access to the entire All of Me solution will take it to another level, with a strong focus on early intervention,” he says.

According to a 2014 PwC report, every $1 an organisation spends on workplace mental health initiatives can generate $2.30. Co-founder and CEO of Tap into Safety, Dr Susanne Bahn, says organisations lack information about people in mental health decline. Only three to five percent of people seek mental health support at work and most organisations are concerned they don’t have the systems or supportive culture in place to manage mental health issues.

“Effective mental health initiatives have proven positive benefits for organisations,” Bahn says. “All of Me trains staff to know what and what not to do in common workplace situations that can impact negatively on mental health. Having access to detailed reporting data softens barriers and encourages engagement and helps change a workplace’s culture with respect to mental health.

“The Hazard Insight solution complements Vault’s product offering as it is tailored for the customer, based on predictive data taken from safety audits, worker compensation claims and more.”

Bahn says, “We have a lot in common with Vault and are thrilled to be partnering with them to bolster their offering while growing our client base across both products.”

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