Virtual group fitness for any facility

by FM Media
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A simple, convenient and cost effective way to provide unlimited group fitness classes in any facility has been launched, enabling the provision of an attractive additional amenity.

Fitness On Request is a unique group fitness program that can be delivered on a wall-mounted high definition screen. It’s a simple, convenient and cost effective way to provide unlimited group fitness classes wherever you want to.
A touchscreen kiosk enables users to browse the library of virtual classes, make their selection and immediately engage with pre-recorded sessions via a high definition projection screen.
The system only requires a 30 square metre area and wall-mounted kiosks allow for space effective flexibility. It can be installed in hotels, apartment complexes, spa resorts, large corporate offices, schools and colleges, military bases and more. It provides facilities managers with an attractive additional amenity to offer building users, thereby increasing the value of the property and their service.
Fitness On Request is designed by fitness experts and led by certified instructors. Content is available in varied class lengths and skill levels, with over 50 pre-recorded classes from boxing, yoga, kickboxing, dance to step.
It is easy for providers to manage through its streamlined booking system. An online management portal, which can be accessed remotely, gives operators everything required to set up the program with minimal management required. Classes can be scheduled to auto-start or the schedule can be left open for users to choose their own classes on request. It’s easy to reserve a place in a class, as well as invite friends via social media.

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