V/Line switches to Tork Industrial Cleaning Cloth

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Maintaining a fleet of maintenance trucks and equipment is a tough job, particularly when the fleet is flat out supporting Australia’s largest regional passenger and freight train tracks. V/Line made a switch from rags to Tork Industrial Cleaning Cloth to ease its daily encounter with grease.

“We were using rags but they filled up with grease and became useless. We were sometimes using one rag per wipe,” claims V/Line Plant maintenance supervisor David Gregson. Four months back the team decided to try the Tork Industrial Cleaning Cloth and found the cloths were very absorbent and tough. The cloths have efficient absorb and release properties so fewer cloths are required to do the job and they minimise consumption of solvents by approximately 27 percent.

The V/Line plant maintenance department trucks, excavators and back hoes help maintain 3770 kilometres of passenger and freight railway lines across Victoria and into New South Wales. They travel far and frequently in their quest to keep V/Line operating smoothly. “Everything goes in the trucks so space is at a premium,” explains Gregson. “So one of the huge benefits of the Tork Handy Box is that they take up less space.”

One Tork Handy Box with 280 cloths does the job of a 25-kilogram bag of coloured rags – making it a huge space saver.

The plant maintenance crew use the Tork Industrial Cleaning Cloth for cleaning parts and equipment after maintenance activities, to repair a hydraulic engine, cleaning up grease and oils and for wiping hands and even cleaning up the trucks interiors.

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