VWMA approves of the Recycling Industry Task Force

by Corporate Waste Solutions
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Interventions, solutions and action to address the current recycling issue facing Victoria require a collaborative approach and involvement from relevant stakeholders including State and Local Government and industry (transporters, processors and landfills, and small and large operators). The Victorian Waste Management Association (VWMA) has welcomed the opportunity to represent its members on the Recycling Industry Task Force.

The VWMA would advocate that any Government Task Force include fair representation of the waste and resource recovery sector, which includes involving waste transports and small and medium operators – and not just Victoria’s larger players.

The VWMA’s executive officer, Mark Smith, says, “The VWMA looks forward to working with the Victorian Government on the long term approach to how Victoria will manage its waste and recyclable materials.”

The VWMA also has embraced the opportunity to represent its significant member base on any proposed Task Force, and has been assured by relevant government agencies that it will ‘have a seat at the table’.

The VWMA believes priorities for the government task force should include:

  • contractual models for waste and resource recovery
  • unlocking the Sustainability Fund
  • stimulating local markets through state and local government procurement
  • educating the community on the essential nature of the services that are provided, and
  • reinforcing the value of recycling to the community and environment.

The VWMA says that it hopes the Task Force will be steered by higher order principles that may include factors that support a competitive and diverse resource recovery sector, and circular economy principles that preference local job creation to overseas exports or landfilling.

Smith says, “The current situation presents us with a number of challenges but also opportunities. We need to consider the Task Force’s guiding principles and commitment to sustainable outcomes, local employment opportunities and start to realise the potential for Victoria to more fully embrace circular economy concepts.”

The Victorian Waste Management Association is one of Australia’s oldest waste and recycling associations representing Australia’s largest membership of waste and resource recovery businesses including collection and transporters, processors, recycling facilities and landfills. For more information please visit: www.vwma.com.au.

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