Wanganui City Bridge’s lighting retrofit

by FM Media
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Wanganui City Bridge’s lighting retrofit is saving the Wanganui District Council up to NZ$9000 in reduced power and maintenance costs over the life of the new fittings.

The Wanganui District Council has refitted the lights on the Wanganui City Bridge in New Zealand using 14 GE LED fittings, saving the council up to NZ$9000 in reduced power and maintenance costs over the life of the fittings. This translates into a payback period of 6.2 years.
Seeking an energy efficient solution that would improve illumination, the council embarked on a trial of different LED light sources as an alternative to conventional lighting technology for Wanganui City Bridge. Evolve NZ provided it with a solution using GE’s 80-watt R150 LED lamps.
In comparison with the previous sodium lights on the bridge, the GE LED lights deliver a 52 percent power saving. In addition, the new luminaries direct the light to where it is needed, while reducing the glare from the fitting to less than five percent. There is also no wasted upward light leakage from the new fittings. Furthermore, the white light produced by the installed LEDs means that colours are rendered more accurately. This provides improved visibility and enhances the effectiveness of security cameras.
The Wanganui District Council plans to progressively replace other conventional fittings with LED light sources when these fittings reach their end of life.

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