Water use reduced at Flemington racecourse

by FM Media
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The equivalent of the average annual consumption of more than 1000 Melbourne households of mains water will be saved every year following a $1.8 million project at Flemington racecourse.

Six desalination units will be installed at Flemington racecourse to access a significant aquifer located beneath the racecourse, providing it with 150 megalitres of desalinated water. This will greatly reduce its reliance on drinking water and help to maintain its 2.3-kilometre racetrack and the grass training tracks.
Each desalination unit will provide 25 megalitres of water annually for use by the club, and eight 250,000-litre water storage tanks will be installed to store the water.
The Flemington Water Strategy was developed in consultation with City West Water and its water project partner Desaln8 to enable the Victoria Racing Club (VRC) to reduce its reliance on drinking water from Melbourne’s storages and reduce its ongoing costs. According to Denis Napthine, Minister for Racing, the project will lead the way in water-saving measures for racing and sporting venues in Victoria.

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