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This new suite of visitor management solutions is designed to meet the diverse security needs of public and private organisations.

Pitney Bowes Australia has introduced pbLobbyTrac, a new suite of visitor management solutions designed to meet the diverse security needs of public and private organisations.
pbLobbyTrac offers customised visitor management solutions that streamline the process of visitor management and empower organisations to control access to their facilities. Visitor information is accurately and quickly captured for easy tracking, while maintaining confidentiality, reducing the risks of security breaches.
One of the visitor management solutions in the pbLobbyTrac suite is pbLobbyTrac Assist, a web-based solution for staffed receptions. pbLobbyTrac Assist is an easy to use system designed to help public and private institutions maintain control and more effectively manage visitor activity.
It can be installed on any desktop manned by a receptionist to capture visitor information and track visitors, providing closed loop security on every visit made to a facility. The solution uses Pitney Bowes’ Arrival software to maintain a visitors’ log, capturing pertinent visitor information for easy registering, tracking and reporting. It also stores information on repeat visitors, complete with photo and signature.
In addition to tracking visitors and employees, with optional accessories, pbLobbyTrac Assist can provide closed loop accountability for important items delivered to the lobby by scanning the package upon receipt by the receptionist and capturing the signature of the person picking up or delivering the item.
Simple to install, use and manage, the solution is suitable for corporate offices, diplomatic organisations, government agencies, hospitals and schools and universities.
The pbLobbyTrac suite of visitor management solutions is delivered through Pitney Bowes’ Solutions Factory, a dedicated team of developers leveraging Pitney Bowes’ patented technologies and third parties to customise solutions for the specific needs of local clients under the Growth Markets region.

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