We’re in for job changes and opportunity, but salaries won’t show it

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Facility management skills are in demand and a majority of professionals are keeping an eye out for new opportunities in the next financial year.

Recruitment corporation Hays has released its 2021/2022 financial year salary guide, which outlines the wages and changes on the horizon for workers in FM.

According to Hays, 93 percent of FM professionals will be looking for, planning to look for or open to new opportunities in the next 12 months. A lack of promotion prospects, poor training and development, and uncompetitive salaries remain drivers for this desire for change.

Forty-six percent of FM employers are expected to increase salaries by up to three percent when they next review, although 68 percent of professionals believe an increase of three percent or more would better reflect their performance.

Those working in FM have had to navigate unfamiliar waters, often on behalf of their occupants and clients too, over the past 12 months. From increasing safety and social distancing protocols, managing office shutdowns and low occupancies, advising on working-from-home strategies and now helping to implement hybrid models of working on-site and from home, FMs have proven more invaluable than ever.

Salary increases do not reflect this, with Hays describing wages as ‘stable’. Trade qualified electricians, plumbers, carpenters and refrigeration technicians have been the lucky exception as their skills are in short supply.

Instead of better wages, employers and employees are arriving upon incentives such as working-from-home arrangements or car allowances.

2020 was a year marked by redundancies, restructures and mergers, and many FMs found themselves without work. Hays believes the market is turning a corner, with many opportunities and projects available today creating demand for technical FMs and project managers with construction or architecture credentials.

FMs with defence experience, trade backgrounds or sustainability experience and qualifications are in demand, as are asset managers, asset auditors and inspectors with knowledge of preventative maintenance and life cycle maintenance planning.

Hays’ advice to jobseekers is to emphasise the versatility of their skills. “Employers look for a candidate who offers the most value in terms of FM, project management, customer focus and technology skills.

“Those who are innovative and can show how [they] have increased efficiency in a building stand out.”

Hays FY2021/’22 Jobs, Wages and Regions

All salaries shown are in the thousands, in Australian dollars and are exclusive of superannuation. How does yours – if you’re fortunate enough to remain employed after a tumultuous year – compare?

Hays salaries
hays salaries
hays salaries
hays salaries
hays salaries

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