Winner of the 2017 Elevator World Project of the Year

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Elevator World Inc has recognised Schindler Lifts Australia for its work on the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) project as the world’s premier elevator installation at the publication’s 2017 industry awards. The VCCC is a purpose- built centre-of-excellence for cancer research, treatment, education and care located in Melbourne’s prestigious Parkville Biomedical Precinct. It was designed to deliver maximum functional area with a blend of clinical, administrative and research facilities.

“The VCCC is a great example of where we have been able to incorporate the best of our innovations to provide a unique solution for the customer”, says Schindler Australia managing director, Rob Seakins. “PORT Technology coupled with our S7000 and S5500 products has created a unique user experience in a hospital type environment. The cooperation between Schindler and Plenary Health, the team tasked with delivering this facility, was critical to delivering on the VCCC vision. We are very proud to have been selected for the installation of this project and continue our association through our service and maintenance team,” he adds.

Comprising 23 elevators, the 130,000-square metre VCCC is the only hospital in Australia that uses a dedicated elevator destination control system, which meant the client’s specification for the lift services was prescriptive.

Each lift is connected into a site-wide Remote Lift Monitoring System (RLMS). The RLMS is able to provide real-time monitoring, alarm, diagnostic performance and traffic handling information in both visual screen-based and hard copy output. The RLMS also provides control functionality to allow for dispatching lifts to assist in evacuation and other required lockdown scenarios.

Priority recalls, including emergency team response, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and critical care patient transfer, offer a dedicated lift use function. When a recall is registered, it responds by taking a nominated lift from group control and sending it to the floor on which the recall originated. For catering and other services, which require dedicated usage for extended periods, the lift can be placed onto ‘exclusive use’ by the user once it has responded to the recall. The car can also be driven to another floor exclusively without a passenger in instances where hazardous materials are being transported.

As part of the overall offering to the customer, Schindler also developed customised multimedia instructional videos as part of the training and induction packs that VCCC management shared with employees, residents and guests. As acoustics and vibration were important considerations for VCCC, all lift motor equipment has been vibration isolated from the building structure. To meet these requirements a number of measures were employed, including lift rail isolators, larger than standard lift guide rollers and multilayer pad isolators for lift machines.

Steve Newton, national sales manager, top range, Schindler Lifts.

This article also appears in the February/March issue of Facility Management magazine.

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