World FM Day 2023: making a real difference

by Sophie Berrill
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World FM Day

Wednesday 10 May marks World FM Day for 2023, an event that recognises the work of facility management professionals from across the globe. 

World FM Day is an initiative of Global FM, a federation of facilities management associations. This year’s theme is ‘Making a real difference’ and celebrates the “selfless service” of FMs worldwide, according to Global FM chair John Carrillo.

“Your unprecedented adaptability, collaboration and steadfast commitment contributed significantly to the safety and development of workplace strategies for all those who depend on the built environment,” says Carrillo.

“Many of you know that a changing paradigm has dramatically accelerated due to a renewed focus on key FM emerging topics. Specifically, sustainability, resilience and corporate responsibility are now centre stage for leaders worldwide. These topics significantly impact corporate decision making, and the facility manager stands at a crossroad where they all converge.

“Expanding your skill set with the integration of IOT, smart digitization technology with key corporate strategies will provide a golden opportunity to increase the value of the facility manager within any organisation. We want to prepare FMs for what’s ahead and for you to boldly lead into the future.”

Our gift to you this World FM Day

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