World Refrigeration Day is here

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World Refrigeration Day

Wednesday 26 June marked International World Refrigeration Day, a day to recognise the importance of refrigeration, air conditioning and the heat pump sectors and their significance in modern society.

If your knowledge of refrigeration is limited to that croaking box in your kitchen, chill out, you’re not alone.  The engineering and science of cooling spaces for comfortability is something we all take for granted, but when you stop to consider what and where we need refrigeration and air-conditioning, you may get a head freeze.

Hospital operating rooms require air conditioning to transplant organs that have been delivered in air-conditioned vessels. Chilled vaccines save millions of lives. Your daily eggs and milk (and all fresh produce) are transported in chilly conditions. Modern communication systems rely on cooling to keep data flowing to the very internet connection you’re using now, ensuring cool social media usage.

World Refrigeration Day was hatched by refrigeration consultant Stephen Gill, former president of the Institute of Refrigeration in the UK on June 26 2019. The day garnered an instant following, with over 800 events organised across 153 countries as a result.

In 2024, more than 15 million people are employed in the refrigeration sector worldwide, with nearly five billion refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat-pump systems in operation. 

This year’s campaign theme, entitled Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better World, focuses on careers in the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pumps industry with hopes of inspiring students and young professionals across the world, encouraging them to meet the challenges faced in their own communities by getting involved in the industry. The campaign also hosts webinars to educate and inform on the importance of this vital sector.

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