World’s first cloud-based ANPR solution

by FM Media
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The world’s first cloud-based automated number plate recognition solution has been launched. has launched the world’s first cloud-based automated number plate recognition (ANPR) solution, ANPRonline.Net. It removes the cost barrier normally associated with the installation and operation of number plate recognition systems, making the technology accessible to both small and medium-sized businesses for local projects and large businesses for national or multinational projects.
Developed in Australia, ANPRonline.Net has a globally distributed architecture with high fault tolerance and natural scaling for limitless growth according to The solution’s secure, web-based configuration, control and reporting features allow businesses to easily control single or multiple sites regardless of their location, claims the company.
“The system can be used in a wide variety of industries that need to monitor or control traffic flows, such as car parks, apartment buildings, hotels, gated communities, warehouses, service stations, national parks, mining sites, factories, transport companies and even retail operations,” says Robert Morgan, managing director at
The solution has been internationalised for major languages and number plate patterns and is fully integrated with high definition Mobotix IP cameras. When correctly installed, it is even possible to scan vehicles travelling at speed across multiple lanes of traffic.
In addition to the cloud-based solution,’s new ANPR system is also available as an in-house or private network system, called ANPRonsite.Net.
ANPRonline.Net and ANPRonsite.Net will be exclusively sold and supported via resellers. The reseller supplies the recommended equipment such as the cameras, infrared lights, intercoms, gate relays, warning systems and gate hardware that can be controlled by ANPRonline.Net. Being local, the reseller can ensure that the equipment is installed and maintained correctly, providing reliability and accuracy for the end user.

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