World-first social network for condominium communities

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AddressTalk, the world’s first “hyperlocal” social networking site for condominium communities, has been launched by Australian businessman, Graham Brain.

Australian businessman, Graham Brain has launched the world’s first “hyperlocal” social networking site for condominium communities – AddressTalk. The aim of AddressTalk is to give high-rise residents a united voice, and open up a new dimension in transparent conversation between residents and building management.
“AddressTalk is a groundbreaking concept, bringing social networking closer to home and offering tangible, real-time benefits for residents. It is free for residents and owners and offers membership at a small fee for building managers.
“For residents, knowing they can get management’s attention, state their case and get something done is a huge weight off their shoulders. For building managers, AddressTalk is about embracing transparency, showing there is nothing to hide,” Brain, an entrepreneur and start-up specialist, stated at the international launch in Singapore.
According to Brain, AddressTalk uses state-of-the-art responsive design, automatically optimising how it is viewed on any browser, platform or device, and removing the need for special apps. He states that the design is clean, soothing and user-friendly, and it is safe and secure.
“AddressTalk communities will have plenty to talk about, from creating their own hyperlocal community guides, full of tips, deals and reviews. Log in and you can discuss, debate and rate everything the community has to offer – real opinions from real people who live next door. Residents stay informed on where to wine, dine, shop and get the best deal.
“It’s about getting people to talk in a safe, impartial and relaxed forum. There are few problems that can’t be solved once you get people to relax and start a conversation,” he concluded.

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