YSEL Elevator Loop

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The UK-based hearing systems company, Your Sense has developed a new YSEL Elevator Loop System that not only eliminates the use of bulky loop cables, but also makes the intercom systems inside elevators accessible for the hard of hearing.

The European and International norm EN81/70 mandates the requirement of two-way communication for every passenger in every elevator. Hard of hearing passengers, however, can’t use the regular intercom systems due to interference and background noise.

The YSEL Elevator Loop features an all-in-one unit that includes an induction-loop-cable, a built-in amplifier, a built-in microphone for universal compatibility, an external microphone cable and an external 12-volt direct current power connection.

Its compact design offers easy, retrofit installation. The YSEL Elevator Loop also reduces background noise for the comfort of people wearing hearing aids.

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