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by Tiffany Paczek
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Communications agency Zadro has launched Zadro University (ZU) to provide professional and practical training to fill the growing skills gap for an integrated market.

With the explosion of marketing and PR channels, companies now want to apply an integrated approach to managing their communications for efficiency and effectiveness. However, finding people with the multifaceted range of skills and experience needed to manage integrated communications effectively remains a huge challenge.

One agency has taken on this challenge by inviting professionals to “skill up, step up or move up”, through the launch of its own integrated communications training program – the same as its staff go through when entering the company.

Zadro, an award-winning integrated communications agency, announced in February the launch of Zadro University (ZU) – a training program set to equip professionals with practical skills to fill the gap in an increasingly integrated market.

Four one-day sessions, or “Safaris”, are open to marketing and communication professionals and teams, business owners, other agency staff and anyone who purchases communication services.

A mix of theoretical and practical training, each Safari will demonstrate how to combine the disciplines of marketing, public relations, social, digital and design with an integrative approach.

The Zadro team

The Zadro team

Integrated communications specialist Felicity Zadro, founder and managing director of Zadro, says ZU is a response to the huge effort of teaching staff and clients about the power of integrated over the past 10 years.

“Our recruits are coming from a marketing or PR background; however, we need both skill sets in one person to do what we do,” Zadro says.

“So, we wanted to find a way of streamlining the training process, ensuring we could share our knowledge and experience with our clients, the industries in which we work and the sector.

“The highly skilled team at Zadro are set to share real examples and personal knowledge of the industry with others. The content is solid, interesting and provides a real chance to learn what professionals need on the ground,” says Zadro.

ZU will be offered via an open course where participants can join a class of peers from varied companies and industries, or a tailored Safari package for team members of a single organisation or group.

Over the past 10 years, the Zadro team has worked with over 500 clients, providing integrated communications across PR, digital, creative design and marketing.

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