Software Guide 2015

by FM Media

The following pages contain summaries of the best and most relevant software products designed to improve our local built environment, together with statements from the software companies themselves about their corporate and custom services.

Building management has become a science, complete with ever-increasing requirements for justifiable, mathematically sound performance measurements, as well as easy-to-use tools to cope with the sheer volume of maintenance tasks being handled by facility managers.

Software-based programs have both driven and responded to these reforms, motivating building managers to quantify efficiencies in greater detail, while paving the way for genuine results-based assessments of automated functions and innovative design features.

‘Best practice’ is now underpinned by statistical data, trend graphs and percentage breakdowns of how individual buildings or zones are performing.

Unsurprisingly, the property market is demanding more, not less, analytical support as we embrace a future of metered, monitored infrastructure. Likewise, businesses occupying their own premises see merit in reducing overheads and enhancing profitability through improved building functionality and staff amenity.

The direction is clear: building managers are turning into information loggers, interpreters and controllers – and software tools like those represented in the following guide underpin these activities from beginning to end.

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