Advanced façade cleaning

by FM Media
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An advanced facade cleaning system has been introduced to Perth.

Active Window Cleaning has announced that it is the first company in Perth to introduce the five-stage WaterFed System – the most advanced pure water cleaning system there is, according to the company.
Active states that its Reach and Wash System consists of a five-stage water treatment system and carbon fibre poles to deliver 100 percent pure graded water to the window or façade surface. The treatment process uses reverse osmosis and mixed bed de-mineralising resin to produce 100 percent pure, laboratory graded water, the company notes, adding that, as no chemicals or detergents are used, the process is ecofriendly.
The company’s new generation of Active Power five-stage water treatment systems offers total mobility as the system works on water pressure alone. One hundred percent pure water can be made on site, meaning operators are not restricted by the holding tank capacity, Active notes. Other advantages according to Active are lower running costs, silent operation, good reliability and safety.

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