Australian-first delivery system a must-have amenity for today’s buildings

by Melanie Basta
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Groundfloor spells the end for frustrating ‘sorry we missed you!’ cards.

Facility managers, architects and property developers are hailing the long-awaited arrival of a transformative Australian-first delivery locker system, which allows parcels from any courier to be securely delivered on-premises at apartment towers and office buildings 24/7.

Groundfloor is an Australian business and award-winning technology providing a simple solution for what has become a thorn in the side of Australian online shoppers and building managers alike.

Groundfloor co-founder Lauren Melton says, with parcel volumes growing at nine to 12 percent annually, automated delivery solutions have gone from amenity to necessity.

“The growth of ‘buy now, pay later’ technologies such as Afterpay, an expanding online marketplace, as well as the creation of more online sale events, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Click Frenzy, have massively altered the shopping landscape.

“We’ve addressed the problem of missed deliveries by breaking down the entire journey. Having consulted with couriers, customers, facility managers and builders, we found the real challenge was in the last few metres of a delivery – from the kerb into the hands of the customer.

“Our system is effectively an automated handshake between courier and customer,” she says.

An Australian-first

“Groundfloor is an Australian first as parcels are delivered to the building premises, not a third-party address. It’s completely inclusive, so any courier can achieve a first-time delivery.

“We believe the system has the potential to also alleviate urban congestion by reducing time in loading zones and eliminating the cycle of redeliveries,” says Melton.

How does Groundfloor work?

The on-premises parcel management system facilitates delivery by all couriers and safely stores parcels until retrieved. Recipients receive a real-time SMS notification for 24/7 access to the lockers, which can be placed indoors or out.

Groundfloor is designed for commercial office buildings, residential apartment towers, student accommodation, co-working spaces and other high-density locations.

The need for Groundfloor

A CHOICE report revealed that 50 percent of consumers experienced a parcel problem in a 12-month period, and in the US, package delivery areas are the second most requested apartment amenity behind fitness centres. Now that there’s a viable Australian option in Groundfloor, it is expected this trend will continue for Australian office workers and apartment dwellers.

The response to Groundfloor

Earlier this year, Groundfloor was installed at Swinburne University’s Student Residences, which houses 600 students, with overwhelming uptake.

John Glynn, administration coordinator at Swinburne University’s Student Residence, says the system has made life easier for both students and administration staff.

“Not only are the systems a secure way to store parcels, they also help to declutter our office space,” says Glynn.

“Our admin staff don’t have to worry aboutchecking IDs or managing signatures for parcel collection because the delivery notification and collection is sent to the resident’s nominated phone number.

“We don’t operate a 24-hour reception, so it’s easier for our residents to collect their parcels when it’s convenient for them, instead of making time to see us,” he adds.

Orders are increasing, and systems are also operational in an East Melbourne luxury apartment building and CBD Grade-A commercial tower.

Images courtesy of Groundfloor

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