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Who would have thought that a person’s experience with a toilet seat could impact your facility?

Well, it can. It doesn’t matter what the fault is – a wobbly seat or a crack in the surface – they all give us a reason to feel genuinely disappointed.

Then there’s the hygiene topic: stained toilet seats or hinge fittings that have obvious dark marks on them don’t make you rush to rest your asset on such an object for any period of time.

For men, trying to hold a seat upright that won’t stay while you’re using the facility isn’t a new form entertainment, but it’s a practical failing that occurs in many toilets.

Having aired what the touch points for users are, what are the real issues a commercial facility manager needs to ponder?

Cleaning staff are the frontline troops that literally get their hands all over the toilet seat every day. So what can we do to offset the negatives of cleaning multiple seats daily? Well, having a design of toilet hinge that is user-friendly would be a great start, and then throw in a seat that you can completely remove with a simple, slight tug.

A unit that makes short work of dealing with difficult parts of a seat and that reduces time spent wiping and scrubbing is a win-win.

Functional elements in design all add up to help cleaners deal with what is a thankless job, while delivering a positive and welcome outcome for users.


Commercial buildings demand certain things to be a higher grade of manufacture than the average retail customer would settle for. Let us flag the weight loading that you can put on a toilet seat, as everybody is different. If you want a long-term trouble-free platform, start with a seat that can take 240 kilograms, and add stainless steel hinges engineered to help combat wear and tear from the varied and repetitive physical weights applied by users over time.

Now, there’s always a direct line from managers to building maintenance, and conversations about toilet seats needing attention are often repeated. Send a plumber to fix a badly designed, low quality toilet seat and watch the dollars disappear down the drain.

Ineffective repair to problematic issues like broken hinges or seats coming away from the toilet are commonplace, usually because spares are hard to obtain.

Maybe the motto should be: use a brand that has a great track record and you can quickly and locally get your hands on.

Finally, if you’re going to put your reputation on the line about something, such as the choice of toilet seat, always have brilliant defence if challenged. Select a Pressalit toilet seat as we give a 10-year warranty and offer multiple seat designs with various hinge options.

Available all around Australia from Samios Plumbing Supplies.

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