Business school’s new retail multi-channel merchandise strategy and planning program

by FM Media
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Melbourne Business School’s new program, Retail Futures: Multi-Channel Merchandise Strategy and Planning, addressing the retail industry’s challenges.

Melbourne Business School has designed a program to address retail industry concerns. The program, Retail Futures: Multi-Channel Merchandise Strategy and Planning, looks at the local environment and offers the latest insights into global best practices, according to the business school.
It states that this includes developing a customer-centric focus particularly around products, retails trends and the multi-channel consumer, and the need to be agile in the 21st century. The program features the iPad as a learning tool and makes the best use of available learning applications, Melbourne Business School adds.
“The traditional bricks and mortar approach is no longer adequate. Retailers need to let go of an outdated business model. Agility and innovation, particularly in the context of constant technological changes, is a must,” Beverley Chambers, Mt Eliza associate and retail consultant, states.
Led by retail professionals with a combined experience of over 60 years, the program will run in October 2013.

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