Colliers brings property management platform to Australia

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International commercial real estate services company Colliers is rolling out in Australia an analytics and communications software platform designed to meet clients’ corporate real estate and facilities management needs.

Called Colliers 360, the platform comprises three components for business intelligence, workplace management and team collaboration. Being web-based, it is also accessible from any internet-accessible device: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Business insight

The business intelligence capability of Colliers 360 provides decision-making data centralised into one holistic view of metrics and KPIs, and is customised to each client.

The key differentiator is its ability to incorporate not only tactical real estate data, but also key data from across a client’s enterprise and third-party data sources, so enabling an holistic view.

Colliers claims the data integration allows clients to more easily transition from tactical to strategic portfolio management.

Workplace management

The workplace management aspect of Colliers 360, termed WorkTrac, is a fully-integrated workplace management solution, with plug-and-play modules covering all aspects of property management. Users can elect to use only one, some or all modules, as needed.

The modules are Property/Lease Administration, and the management of: Finance, Documents, Assets, Maintenance, Operations, Contracts and Contacts.

Team collaboration

The third aspect of Colliers 360, termed Team Site, allows account team collaboration, including discussion, document management and workflow management.

According to Brian Schan, executive managing director at Colliers International, the key feature of the new platform is its flexibility: “Colliers 360 was designed with configurability in mind. This allows us to conform to the needs of our clients, and tailor the solution based on their unique circumstances. Other proprietary software companies and real estate service providers don’t afford even a fraction of that flexibility.”

An example of its benefits is that a client can immediately see how an increase in employees at a specific location would impact real estate needs and costs, without having to send the data to analysts or consultants. Colliers 360 provides direct insight to this information instantly and allows users to be creative with solutions, because they can freely iterate alternatives in a real-time data environment and immediately understand the impact of the results.

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